Building A Waterfall Pond Filter For $19!

For my patio pond, I wanted to have a filter that was either completely in it, or all above it. I also love the waterfalls, so I wanted one on my pond. I also needed it to be cheap!

What I settled on was basically an overhead sump.

Step One: Take your 5 gallon storage tote, and tape off where you are going to drill your 1 3/4” hole for the waterfall. Be sure to leave space for the pipe itself, as the Inner Diameter is 1 3/4”, not the Outer Diameter. My hole was a little to small, so I used a Half-Round to open it up a little more, this can be done with sandpaper.

Step Two: Screw your 1 3/4” ABS male and female piece together, adding a 44mm O ring, or liquid silicone around the seams.

Step 3: Cut your PVC to 14 1/2”.

Step 4: Dry fit your PVC pieces.

Step 5: Cement your PVC Pieces in place and wait 15 minutes for it to cure.

Step 6: Screw your barb adapter in to find out where it’s final tightening place will be.

Step 7: Drill your holes. I opted for 8 holes on each side (Roughly a 20 degree angle, or 5 and 7 oclock), and 3 in the middle pointed straight down. I finalized on 13/64ths”.

Step 8: Cut your Tubing to desired length.

Step 9: Attach to barb adapter and to pond pump.

Step 10: Zip Tie spray bar to box.

Step 11: Fill with filter media. I used Lava Rock.

Step 12: Cut the lid or use something to block the backspash. 


HDX 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Storage Tote: 


90 Degree Barb to 3/4 adapter: 

PVC to Threads Adapter: 

PVC Pipe: 

PVC Cement: 

Pond Pump:

Pond Filter Pad: